Demir Tatlısı – Sweet Tread Prepared With Iron Mold


  • Yogurt (appr. 1 drinking glass)
  • Flour (appr. 3/4 drinking glass)
  • Egg (as many as the batter requires)
  • Salt (1 dessert spoon)
  • Sugar (1 kg)
  • Juice of 1 lemon


It is a sweet tread of Erzurum, a city in the cost of Turkey. It is popular among locals and old families of Erzurum. An iron mold with flexible hanle is used to make sweet. Therefore it is locally known as “iron sweet”.

P.S. The measures are approximate figures, depending mostly on practice and experience.

1. Preparation of syrup:

Put sugar in a saucepan add water overlapping it. Melt sugar over medium heat, stirring constantly. Bring to boil and simmer until it forms a heavy syrup. Pour juice of 1 lemon

, continue simmering 1-2 minutes. Take from heat and set aside to cool.

2. Mix yogurt and flour in bowl, boat the mixture with an electric mixertill all lumps disappear

3. Add eggs one by one into the mixture, beat till you have a smooth dough mixture. The mixture should be thicker than fermented cracked wheat (a traditional Turkish drink made of crack wheat)

4. Take a large frying pan filling it with oil and heat it. Insert the iron mold in hot oil and immediately remove it. When oil is sizzling, dip iron mold in the batter mixture. (Butter should cover upper rims of the iron mold) and shake it in the oil so that batter will leave iron mold and remain in the pan. Turning the dough mixture constantly with a perforated kitchen spoon so that all sides are evenly browned. Remove it from heat and transfer immediately in cool syrup. Allow to absorb syrup.

Serve: Repeat the process until all dough mixture is fried.

P.S. The iron mold should be hold in vertical position.

I have seen similartreats in ring shape with same taste as “iron mold sweet treats” in shops in the United States of America.

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