Salted tunny

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  • 5-10kg large bonito
  • salt


This is an appetizin fish, pickled in brine, made especially in winter during the fatty periods of large bonito and sometimes shortfinned tunny.

Cut the head and tail off the fish. After gutting and cleaning the fish, slice the remaining parts into circles that are 7-8cm in diameter. Remove the marrow of the fish from its backbone with a long stick, Wash fish and put into a strainer. Wait for 5-6 minutes until the water drains away. Roll the drained fish in salt, lay pieces in a clean oil can. Sprinkle with enough salt to cover each layer of fish. After all the fish has been used, sprinkle again with salt, cover witha wooden lid and put a stone over the lid as a weight. Put in enough water so that it will cover up to 2 inches over the stone and drape cloth over with the corners tied tightly to fit the tin. After three days open the cloth and remove with a spoon the layer of oil which is floating over the water. Do this every three days. Repeat for 1.5-2months. Salted tunny is appetizing when it has a pink-white color

, is soft when eaten and can be slice easily.

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