Kağıtta Barbunya (Red Mullet in Paper)

Chop 1 onion, two carrots, five cloves of garlic, two parsley roots, and six tomatoes into a pan. Add 3 cm of water and seasoning, cover and boil until one quarter of the water has boiled away. Sieve the vegetables and add to the juice. Mix in a little olive oil, half a pinch of powdered mastic and salt. Arrange the fish in the centre of a large piece of greaseproof paper, fold up the edges and pour the vegetable sauce over the top. Lay three or four bay leaves over the fish. Cover with an oven tray and place in the oven. Baste occasionally with the sauce. When cooked well remove the bay leaves and serve cold.

Fahriye Nedim’s Boğaz Derdi, 1933

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