• 250 g. Ground meat
  • 1000 g. Sour green apple (small size)
  • 2 Onion
  • 1/2 bundle Parsley
  • salt, black pepper.


Small apples are sliced. Ground meat mixed with onion

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, salt parsley and black pepper. After the ground meat is prepared small pieces of ground meat put between the round apple slices.

It is cooked on medium heat. After the apples become tender heat is turned off.

These two dishes made of apple, in addition to being important from historical and folkloric points are also healty.

Garlic and sumac are very often used in folkloric food and medicine.

Sumac is used for curing diarrhea and tooth gum diseases.

Garlic is used as appatizer and for reducing high blood pressure. It is believed that it also balances blood sugar level in diabetics.

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