Dible (Dibleme) Meal


  • 750 gram Karalâhana (black cabbage)
  • 1 full glass of dried maize grains
  • 1/2 full glass of rice
  • 2 sweet spoon salt
  • 100 gram butter


Dried maize is grinded. The black cabbage is minced in small pieces then boiled in boiling water. Then it is strained and put into a cooking pan. Then the sifted and washed maize is put on top of the black cabbage in the pan. Then add 2 litres of boiled water and salt. After cooking for 25-30 munites on a medium five add the rice and cook for ten munites. Then pourthe melka butter on top of it cover the pan and mix after five munites.

One portion of “Dible” meal contains 238 colory, 18 gram protein, 21.4 gram fat, 30.8 carbohydrate. It is both delicious and vitamin rich.

This meal may be used as a daily menu and as a ceremonial meal such as in marriage circumcision and or any other ceremonies. In the Black Sea region.

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